Monday, 31 January 2011

Wayne Osborne's FX Is Back for Second Outing!

In September 2009, I talked about Wayne Osborne and John Byrne's six-issue mini-series and TPB FX over at IDW (see my Goodreads review). At the time, I mentioned that a second mini was in the works, with Uko Smith on art duty, and that I yet again felt giddy with anticipation.

Eventually, the first issue of the second series, FX 2: The Lost Land, was solicited in Diamond, but for some reason or other (quite possibly low orders), IDW pulled the plug on the mini already before I had managed to secure a shop subscription anywhere. Naturally, I found this sad, but I took some heart in the news that eventually seeped out: FX 2: The Lost Land would see the light of day in direct-to-TPB-published form in December 2010.

After some delays for the title to appear in the on-line shops (at least on this side of that wee puddle they call the Atlantic), the title was available to buy around the shift from 2010 to 2011, and it naturally snuck into one of my book orders soon after.

Uko Smith does a very fine job as third FX artist. Yes, I did say third: remember that A. J. Jothikumar did the cover to the first TPB (and a very fine job at that, I would not mind seeing any FX material from his pen in the future). And Osborne shows that he can indeed hold his own beside Uko (which I already said I believed he could, mind you). I will not go into further details about the title here, feel free to read my in-depth Goodreads review for that; but I will say that the giddiness and excitement is still there.

And I do ever so much hope that there will be future adventures to be had with Tom Talbot, a.k.a. FX, and his friends and allies. Heck, I would not mind seeing some offshoots from the series. In fact, TPBs with the Foundation, Homefront or Professor Gerald "Gerry" Turnbull-Stout in it would be a great addition to my collection, to be sure. Together with his artistic accomplices, Osborne has successfully managed to project an enticing new fictional universe with seems to be teeming with exciting people and beings, not to mention stories to be told; and while I hope that quality never goes out of FX or any FX-related material Osborne produces, I certainly hope to see more of those stories.

And perhaps, as a result, to have even more stories just beyond the horizon to dream of.

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