Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Musings of the Mad Swede: Year One

It is today exactly one year ago since I started Thus Spake the Mighty Wha-keem by posting "So... I'll try my hand at this then, shall I?"

That very first post was written as and still (I'm happy to say) reads like my mission statement; what I wanted to do with this blog and how I wanted to do it. It's all there in that first post. Granted that the timing of some of my posts has not corresponded with an exact weekly interval and that February this year was, indeed, a bit of a slip up, but as I write this in my 53rd week as a blogger (or Week One of Year Two, if you will), I also note that this will be my 51th post, which of course means I have kept fairly true to form. However, that is certainly not to say I cannot improve on that count.

As for content, I have to say I am quite happy with what I have covered thus far. I chose the subtitle Musings on Life, Literature, Film, Music and Comics by the Mad Swede, and I have mused on all these things in the past year; granted that I have not necessarily done so in equal measures. But then again, I never said that I would.

Furthermore, I also said in that first post that I did not (nor do I now) want to "spam you" and I do believe I have stayed true to that intention and kept that "promise".

All those 50 posts ago, I addressed you, "gentle (and, at the moment of typing this, somewhat imaginary) reader." Since then, that "somewhat imaginary" state has proven less than imaginary. Thus Spake the Mighty Wha-keem might not be the most well-read blog out there, but it does have readers. You may not always comment or go into lengthy debates about the issues at hand, but (at least some of you) seem to think that it's worthwhile to come back for more. I have even noted (and not without some pleasure and pride, I should add) that the blog Graphic Novels Challenge in their stated motto, "Comics: not a genre," has included a link to one of my own posts on comics. So, obviously there are readers out there who find my musings somewhat relevant, in some sense at least.

I ended that first post by saying, "And above all, I hope it'll be fun. Both for you to read and me to write." For my own part, I can only say that I have indeed enjoyed writing my musings here thus far. Whether or not you, gentle readers, have enjoyed reading them is not really my place to say anything about; I cannot speak for you on such matters (although, the fact that at least some of you return would seem to suggest that you have and do). It is indeed something that I have to leave for you to say.

And so Year One has ended, and a new textual year has begun. So... What's next?


  1. heartiest congratulations at the anniversary!
    what next? you ask

    more anniversaries to come of course...keep posting!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, myra b. =)

    And I will.