Monday, 18 May 2009

So... I'll try my hand at this then, shall I?

As I am someone who enjoys texts and narratives immensely (whether I'm reading, writing or analysing them), it might seem somewhat strange that it's taken me this long to get to blogging. But the truth is that I've simply been reluctant to take this extra bit of textual production upon myself previously. I am of the opinion that a good blog, like any type of good publication (electronic or otherwise) needs to be maintained continuously. I mean, who would want follow a magazine or journal only coming out on rare, occasional intervals?

So, now that I've made the leap, it is my intention to start out slowly, but nevertheless steadily, with at least one post a week (which certainly doesn't preclude the possibility of more posts, if I happen to get into a flow). This is simply because I think that the notion of regular publication is of importance. But also because I don't want to "spam you", gentle (and, at the moment of typing this, somewhat imaginary) reader. I'll willingly shed intellectual pretension and the like, but I've no wish to waste your time, or mine.

So, I'll try to muse on things that may be of interest, or at least somewhat entertaining; to ramble on, but not without some sort of direction; to share with you some of my thoughts, ideas and opinions on life, literature, film, music and comics (though by no means necessarily in that order).

And above all, I hope it'll be fun. Both for you to read and me to write.


  1. Mighty & Mad Swede (M&MS),

    This is something for all of us literati to look forward to. I anticipate intellectually stimulating and fun discussions as you take us on a new journey. Thanks for informing me about your new adventure. See you next week!

    Note: I will be posting here as Shadow Mood. Please address me with that title (only) when responding to any of my comments. Thanks! :-)

  2. The computer says that my post will be accepted when it is approved. Moi? Need approval? LOL!

  3. Thanks, Shadow Mood. And yes, I've chosen to have a moderated comment board to more easily keep it neat and tidy. :)

  4. Welcome to the textual joy of blogging - another reason why we need more hours in a day...

  5. "Neat & Tidy" is the way to go! Also, it's a great book title or name for a new band!

  6. More hours in the day? What's that?

    We all make time for what's important! I plan on making time to be here! :-)